The Broadway Ultra Society presents the

(Fifth Annual)
(Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 8:00 AM)

Full 2018 Results for the 50 K and the 30 K.
This year (2018) this race has been scheduled earlier (on Sunday, August 19th) in Forest Park, Queens, starting near the intersection of Myrtle Ave & Park Lane South.

The race loop is an approx. 5K loop on a variety of paved & trail terrain. Paved surface is about 1.1 miles mainly on asphalt park drives. The trail sector is about 2 miles in scenic woodsy surroundings. The trail is very runnable but will still include rocks, boulders, wood chips, roots, wood steps and leaves. But it cannot be considered "technical"... however it is still challenging. The overall race loop is rolling with a 200-yard significant climb.

Here is the final Course Loop Map. Note that this map may be difficult to follow during the race, but the course will be well marked with staked arrows and pink flags. You SHOULD PRIMARILY use these markings to navigate the loop.

The event is two races in one: a 30-kilometer and a 50-kilometer, but not separate. There is only one start, and if you go on to 50K, you will also be recorded with an official time and place for 18M. You DO NOT have to declare what distance (30K or 50K) you will be running at registration. The 30K course will be 6 loops, and the 50K course will be 10 loops.


Last year (2017) the race was held as scheduled on Sunday, December 3rd in Alley Pond Park, starting at the Alley Fieldhouse near Winchester Blvd. The course was on a 5K loop (approx), with more than 45% trail.

Full 2017 Results for the 50 K and the 30 K.

Full 2016 Results (last year) for the 50 K and the 30 K.

Results for the 2015 (last year) 50 K and the 30 K.

Previous Year (2014) Results and Photos
1/3/15 - FREE Photos of EVERYONE who ran (or worked at) the 2014 race, from our good friend photographer Larry Sillen:
    2014 BUS FA Trail Mixup - Photo Album 1
    2014 BUS FA Trail Mixup - Photo Album 2
    2014 BUS FA Trail Mixup - Photo Album 3
    2014 BUS FA Trail Mixup - Photo Album 4
12/22/14 - The Race Results for both the 30 K and the 50 K events have been posted. All runners who completed at least 30K (5 trail loops) were scored in the 30K race, and those who went on to finish the 50K distance were scored in both races.

For more information, contact BUS at 917-620-3431 or .