Hello to all BUS and not only runners,


I would love to tell you about my two upcoming and very interesting events. 


1st is Arctic Challenge – 230+ miles on ice!

The 1st week of April I will be running on the frozen Mackenzie River starting 120 miles North from the Arctic Circle.  Some of you may be familiar with the gruesome TV show “Ice Road Truckers”. Well, it is the same river, the same ice, but instead of driving a tractor trailer on it as the truckers do, I will be running on it!  The logistics of such run are not simple, but with today’s technology like the Internet the world seems smaller and I have been very lucky.   I contacted a newly created Inuvik Run Club.  The members got very excited and eager to assist as I made the call to them in the middle of 30 days of winter darkness.  Their enthusiasm sparked in me an additional fire and I told them that I will run both ways on the Ice Road.  This mean from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk and back to Inuvik!!  This is about 230+ miles round trip, on the ice with no shelter between these two communities.  There are no trees as the tree line ends a mile or two after Inuvik.  Just snow and ice! Flat.  No rolling hills or mountains; just a lot of wind and sub-zero temperatures. 

This is a charity run for the Inuvik Homeless Shelter.  The harsh weather and modern lifestyle have made it so that some of the natives are unable to cope and must turn to the shelter for protection.  Some homeless persons also struggle with concurrent mental health, addiction issues, or have drifted into poverty and family problems.  It is a challenge to live there without any these issues, but having any of these issues is very troubling.  The Inuvik Homeless Shelter is there to protect these individuals and give them shelter from the environment and to provide meals for those in need.  

To learn more about my run above the Arctic Circle, please visit www.sahararunner.com

Please support my effort by clicking: Here's the link directly to the donate page using Pay Pal.  The "Donate" button is at the bottom of the page or you can send a cheque to the Inuvik Homeless Shelter at P.O. Box 2530, Inuvik, NT, Canada X0E 0T0

100% of all donations go to the shelter.


2nd  is 120 miles, non-stop run across Long Island

This will be my 5th annual run to raise awareness and funds to help fight breast cancer in support of breast cancer patients.  My 120-mile running route, which I have personally created, will start at North Woodmere Park (adjacent to JFK Airport) and end at Montauk Point.  I will start running on April 30, 2011.

Since this run across LI is close to most of you in the Tri-State Area, please consider joining me on any part of this run and participate in the fundraising.  We all know someone who has suffered, is suffering, or may suffer from this illness.  Let’s help.  Let’s fight the “C” word together so one day this illness will never exist!

Donations can be make online by simply clicking this link


Thank you so much.