1.  Maximum scoring races:  We currently expect to have 7 races in this year's Grand Prix.  If there are 7 or more races included in the Grand Prix the maximum scoring races (see rule 6) will be four for men and three for women.  If circumstances change and there are 6 or fewer events then maximum scoring races (see rule 6) will be three for men and three for women.  Notice of any changes to included races will be provided well in advance.


2.  The special scoring for the Caumsett 50 K (paragraph 13) has been maintained.  This section was added to maintain the importance of the Caumsett 50K in the series.  The Caumsett 50K was a USATF national championship and thus there was significant participation of runners from other parts of the country.  These non-local runners, many of who are nationally ranked runners, likely will not enter any other races of the Grand Prix.  Therefore, the race will be rescored, omitting the placing of any participant that has not participated in any other Grand Prix event.  The rescoring will be done after the GLIRC Six Hour Birthday Run when one event (BUS Trail Mix 50K) still needs to be completed.  Until the rescoring is done, the points earned in the Caumsett will be included in the reported totals.  They will appear in red and obviously will be subject to change when rescored.  By rescoring after the GLIRC Six Hour Birthday Run, all participants can easily determine there current standings before the last event.



1.      Any entrant into a Grand Prix event is automatically entered into the Grand Prix Championship series. There is no additional fee.

2.      The following awards will be presented:

a.       Grand Prix Champion, Second Place Overall, and Third Place Overall (Male and Female)

b.      Age Groups-First Place (Male and Female)

1.      39 and below

2.      40-44

3.      45-49

4.      50-54

5.      55-59

6.      60-64

7.      65-69

8.      70-75

9.      76 and over

c.       Special Award for anyone completing all races!!!!

  1. Winners of the Overall Grand Prix Championship awards do not qualify for Age Group awards.
  2. Currently there are seven races in the series (see below).  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the number of races and individual races in the series can change.

a.       Caumsett 50K (3/5/17)

b.      Night Crawler 6 Hour (3/25/17)

c.       Sybil Ludington 50K (4/22/17)

d.      Long Island Greenbelt Trail 50K (5/13/17)

e.       BUS Event (TBD)

f.        6 Hour-60th Birthday Run (10/15/17)

g.       Trail Mix 50K (12/3/17)

5.      Participants must COMPLETE a minimum of 2 races.  Complete, in distance races, means to finish (run the prescribed distance) in the maximum time allowed.  Complete, in time races, means a marathon distance (26.2 miles) must be completed in 6-hour races, 40 miles must be completed in 12-hour races, and 50 miles must be completed in 24-hour races.

6.      Although individuals may compete in all races, only the number of races, as specified below, in which the participant earns the most number of points will count in the total to determine the awards.  It may be that different races will count in the separate calculations of the Grand Prix Overall Championship and Age Group Awards.

a.       Men-3 races (if 6 or less events), 4 races (if 7 or more events)

b.      Women-3 races

7.      For each race the order of finish of all participants will be determined (separate for men and women) and each participant will be awarded points based on the order of finish.

a.       First Place-1000 points                         k.   Eleventh Place-425 points

b.      Second Place-800 points                      l.    Twelfth Place-400 points

c.       Third Place-700 points                         m. Thirteenth Place-375 points

d.      Fourth Place-650 points                       n.   Fourteenth Place-350 points

e.       Fifth Place-605 points                           o.   Fifteenth Place-325 points

f.        Sixth Place-565 points                          p.   Sixteenth Place-300 points

g.       Seventh Place-530 points                     q.   Seventeenth Place-275 points

h.       Eighth Place-500 points                        r.    Eighteenth Place-250 points

i.         Ninth Place-475 points                         s.    Nineteenth Place-225 points

j.        Tenth Place-450 points                         t.    Twentieth Place and Below-200 points

  1. The participant with the highest total will be the Grand Prix Champion, the participant with the second highest total the Second Place Overall award, etc.
  2. For each race the order of finish of all participants in each age category will be determined (separate for men and women) and each participant will be awarded points based on the order of finish.

a. First Place-100 points                             f.    Sixth Place-45 points

b. Second Place-80 points                          g.   Seventh Place-40 points

c. Third Place-65 points                              h.   Eighth Place-35 points

d. Fourth Place-55 points                           i.    Ninth Place-30 points

e. Fifth Place-50 points                   j.    Tenth Place and Below-25 points

  1. The participant with the highest total in each age category who has not been awarded a Grand Prix Overall award will be the Age Group Champion.
  2. For purposes of the Age Group award, the age of the individual on the date of the first race in the series that the individual starts will determine the age group award that the participant is eligible to win.  Whether or not the participant completes the race or earns points in the race will have no effect on this determination.  Further, the participant may be competing in a different age group at any subsequent race but will be scored as if in the age category determined in this paragraph for purposes of the Age award..
  3. In the event of ties, heat-to-head results between the tying individuals will be used.  The number of times each individual bested the other will be determined and the winner will be the one with the higher total.  If each bested the other an equal number of times then the total points earned in the common races will be calculated with the winner being the one with the most points.  Should these be equal the best finish in all races will be used to determine a winner.
  4. Caumsett 50K only:  Only finishers that complete one other Grand Prix event by the completion of the GLIRC Six Hour Birthday Run will count in the scoring of this event.  Scoring will be calculated as described above after deletion of placing of those that have not participated in any other Grand Prix event.