The Great New York 100 Mile (and 100K) Running Exposition - 2013 edition
(This 2nd Annual Running of this great event is Confirmed for Saturday, June 29, 2013 starting at 5am)
Be sure to check out the new 100K option described on the Phil's Event Site.

 The second running of this stupendous event was even better than the inaugeral event in 2012. More runners, more volunteers, more finishers, more everything! Check out the GNY 100 Facebook Page for photos and race reports from individual runners, volunteers, and friends/pacers. There was even a Wall Street Journal article. Congratulations and a big thanks to Race Director Phil McCarthy, and all the volunteers who made this such a great event.
... and here are the full 2013 RESULTS for both the 100 Mile and 100KM events.

 Registration is now CLOSED! but here are the latest links to help all participants and volunteers get ready for the 2013 edition of this great urban adventure run:

Phil's Event Web Site   and    Event Facebook page

Map-My-Run course map   and    Turn-by-Turn directions

Phil's latest Instructions & Notes for all participants.

Race Director Phil McCarthy recently sent the following email message to to people who've shown interest in the past:
Hello friends,

I want to write to tell you that The Great New York 100 Mile Running Exposition will take place again in 2013! The date I have set is Saturday, June 29. The course will be the same as last year, but with some possible detours due to damage from hurricane Sandy. The beautiful Rockaway Beach boardwalk was destroyed, as were sections of the Brooklyn waterfront greenway, and it's very possible that some or all of those sections won't be completely rebuilt by the summer. My heart goes out to the people of the Rockaways, Coney Island, and other areas hard hit by Sandy.

I am building a web site for the race: www.tgny100.com, which is right now just a placeholder, but it includes this year's results, for those of you who need to send a link for 100-mile qualifiers. And I plan to use that site for updates rather than emails like this.

Many details are being worked out, but at this point I'm planning next year's race to be a little bit bigger and better, with more aid stations, more food and other items at aid stations, better course markings, more generous cutoffs, and buckles at the finish line! And hopefully a 100K option. Right now I'm expecting to top off at about 50 runners, but if things go well maybe up to 100. I won't be ready to take applications till after the new year, but that's the plan, so those of you who are interested in running or volunteering can make your own plans.

More to come, but feel free to ask any questions you might have, and I'll respond as soon as I can!

Thanks all, Phil

Event plans have now been confirmed for 2013, but Phil will be posting updates (on www.tgny100.com) if any changes. Also, check out the
June 2012 Information, Links, and Results
below to get some idea of the details of this race.

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The Great NY 100 Mile Facebook Link       The Great NY 100 Mile MapMyRun Link

*** Last Minute Additions ***
The GNY100 Overall Map       Map segments and notes (by Marc Vengrove)       The GNY100 Course Details

*** Final Results ***
GNY100 Photos we took on Race Day    More Photos by Runners, Pacers & Crews on Event Facebook Page

*** Race Report on Phil's blog ***
Results from Phil (Race Director):
Thank you to everyone who ran, paced, volunteered, crewed, donated or otherwise took part in the run this weekend! I'll write more later, but I don't want to delay in getting the results out.
Final results:
  1. Keila Merino, 21:05:55
  2. Michael Samuels (men's winner), 21:09:50
  3. Jodi Kartes-Heino, 24:35:52
  4. Liz Bauer, 24:44:12
  5. Milko Mejia, 24:45:25
  6. Otto Lam, 24:52:50
  7. Marc Vengrove, 25:08:25
  8. Chris Solarz, 26:29:13
  9. Becky Tsai, 26:40:40
  10. Weihao Xu, 26:51:24
  11. Gerald Tabios, 26:55:25
  12. Rebecca Schaefer, 26:59:43
  13. Emmy Stocker, 27:16:15
  14. Elaine Acosta, 27:32:02
Event Statistics:
31 Starters (22 men, 9 women)
14 Finishers (7 men, 7 women)
In his blog, Phil also gives unofficial finisher status to:
"Ray Krolewicz, true to form, despite arriving more than an hour late due to car trouble on the ride up from Georgia, kept on running, despite missing aid station closings and course cutoffs, resting as he felt like it, swimming in the ocean as he felt like it, and finished unofficially in 35:35:55."

The New York Ultra Running community owes Phil (and all the runners, pacers, crews, volunteers and supporters) a hardy ¡¡THANK YOU!! for proving this extraordinary run could be accomplished in the parks and streets of New York City.

...and we hope that even more of us get the opportunity to participate NEXT YEAR!

Initial planning information from the Race Director (NYUR Grand Prix Champion Phil McCarthy):
The Great New York 100 Mile Running Exposition will take place on Saturday, June 23, starting and finishing in Times Square. It is a single 100-mile loop through Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn that explores the parks, greenways, waterways, beaches and bridges of the city. Despite the overblown title, it will be small (no more than 25 runners) and low-key with minimal aid. Any interested runners can contact me, as well as those willing to pace runners at night, and anyone who'd be willing to spend a few hours at an aid station helping these folks out. Email me at phildillny@yahoo.com for more details, or find me on facebook.

Important Notes:
  • Because of the difficulty in coordinating the course logistics, participation in this inaugural race will be by INVITATION only.
  • The race committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry application.
  • The actual course for this event is currently being tested and confirmed.
  • A final map, including the confirmed Start and Finish location, will be available soon.
  • The date (Saturday, June 23, 2012) is definite, with a starting time of 5AM.
  • This race will require many experienced volunteers to coordinate aid stations and checkpoints, and to assist runners as pacers. Please contact Phil if you would like to help.
  • More details about this event (including application procedures) will be posted on this site as soon as they are available.