STARTING PERKS: Each entrant will receive a 100% brush cotton tee shirt designed by David Luljak.
DAY ONE INFORMATION:   Alley Pond Park (tennis area) - Bayside, Queens
***Date & Start:  Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 9:00 A.M.  
***Check-In:  Alley Pond Park fieldhouse (adjacent to tennis area) on Winchester Blvd north of Union Turnpike starting at 8:00 AM.
***Course Description:  A 3.4521-mile out-and-back pedestrian loop on the Vanderbilt "Old Motor Parkway" in Alley Pond Park. The
terrain is rolling with two significant hills.  
***Auto Directions:  From NYC, Brooklyn & Queens: Grand Central Pkwy (GCP) east to Exit #23 "Cross Island Pkwy, Alley Park,
Winchester Bvld". Bear RIGHT to exit at Winchester Blvd. Turn RIGHT onto Winchester Blvd & immediate RIGHT into Park lot.
***From Long Island: Northern State Pky west to start of GCP. Exit #23 "Cross Island Pkwy, Union Turnpike". Stay STRAIGHT on
exit "offshoot" for a good stretch. You may see an exit sign saying "Alley Park", but that exit is closed. Keep staying straight to
exit at Union Turnpike. After exit, turn LEFT at the light onto Union Tpke. Go about .5 mile to LEFT onto Winchester Blvd to lot.
***Parking:  Alley Park lot on the west side of Winchester Blvd.  
***Transit Directions:  LIRR Hempstead Line:  Call LIRR at 718-217-5177 to confirm.  
Lv. Penn Station: 7:40 AM  (Change at Jamaica; Lv: 8:05 AM)    Lv. Atlantic Terminal: 7:42 AM     AR. Queens Village: 8:14 AM
Note: Must check box on waiver if using LIRR service.  
Exit at the east end (front of train) of Queens Village Station onto Springfield Blvd. You will be picked up to be transported to Park.
DAY TWO INFORMATION:   Alley Pond (Springfield) Park - Bayside, Queens
***Date & Start:  Sunday, May 29, 2011 at 9:00 A.M.  
***Check-In:  At Alley Springfield Comfort Station  area starting at 8:15 A.M.  
***Course Description:  Loop is on macadam footpaths with two significant hills. Loop has some bumps and potholes; it also has
two gates which are usually opened.  If the gate is closed, you can veer around. Loop is 1.0123 miles in distance.   
The course is mainly shady and Park activity is moderate, unless there is a Church picnic.   
***Auto Directions:  Long Island Expressway (LIE) EAST to Exit #29 "Springfield Blvd. After exit, proceed on LIE service road
to RIGHT onto Springfield Blvd. Go about .8 mile to LEFT onto 76th Avenue, then turn LEFT into parking lot of Park.  
***LIE WEST to Exit #29 "Springfield Blvd. After exit, turn LEFT onto Springfield Blvd. Follow above LIE EAST directions to Park.
***Grand Central Parkway (GCP) EAST to Exit #22 "Union Turnpike". After exit, proceed straight to traffic light; turn LEFT onto Union
Turnpike. Proceed on Union Tpke. to turn RIGHT onto Springfield Blvd. Go .3 mile to RIGHT onto 76th Avenue & LEFT into lot.
***GCP WEST to Exit #23 "Cross Island Pkwy, Union Turnpike, Alley Park". Only exit at the end of "the ramp" at Union Turnpike.
Turn RIGHT at light onto Union Turnpike; then turn RIGHT onto Springfield Blvd. Follow above GCP EAST directions to Park.
***Parking:  Alley Park lot on the north side of 76th Avenue.  
***Transit Directions:  Long Island Railroad (LIRR) - Hempstead Line (718-217-5477) to "Queens Village" Station.  
LV Penn Station:  7:40 A.M. (change at Jamaica)     LV Atlantic Terminal:  7:42 A.M.     LV Jamaica:  8:05 A.M.  
ARRIVE  Queens Village: 8:14 A.M.  
***Note:  Exit at the east end (front of train) of Queens Village Station onto Springfield Blvd to be picked up for transport.  
DAY THREE INFORMATION:   Crocheron Park - Bayside, Queens
***Date & Start:  Monday, May 30, 2011 at 9:00 AM.  
***Check-In:  At the "twin gazebos" starting at 8:15 A.M.  Gazebos can be reached by stairs on the left at the very end of 35th Avenue.
***Course Description:  A rambling .9709-mile loop on macadam footpaths; loop is mainly flat with one significant rise and is about
75% shady.  Park activity will be moderate.  
***Auto Directions:   Clearview Expressway to Exit #6A "35th Avenue". EAST on 35th Avenue for approximate one mile (passing
Bell Blvd.) to BEAR LEFT at the road fork to the dead end; park.  Note: Clearview Expressway can be accessed by Grand Central
Parkway, Long Island Expressway and Throgs Neck Bridge.  
***Parking:  At the very end of 35th Avenue.  
***Transit Directions:  Long Island Railroad (LIRR) - Port Washington Line (718-217-5477) to "Bayside" Station.  
LV Penn Station:  7:19 A.M.     LV Woodside:  7:31 A.M.     ARRIVE Bayside:  7:47 A.M.  
Walk NORTH on Bell Blvd. to RIGHT on 35th Avenue (bearing left at road fork) to dead end. Total walk is about one mile.  
OR suggest to take cab ride (Kelley's Taxi near Bayside Station - 718-229-6161).   
Official Time Limits:  
    Day One: 8 hours after the "official start"  
  Day Two: 8 hours after the "official start"  
  Day Three: 7 hours after the "official start"  
***Note: Earlier starts, if needed, will be encouraged on the 2nd & 3rd Day.  BUT YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN WATCH
to time yourselves and service your refreshment needs until the "official start".  
When the above time limits are reached, all scoring and aid stations will be disassembled. You still may continue after the limit,
but you should make arrangements to be scored and serviced.  
Bib Numbers:  
You will be issued two bib numbers; a colored (imprinted) number for the front and a plain white number for the back.  You must wear
both numbers front and back on each day at all times.  Make sure you bring your bibs with you each day.  
A restroom comfort station will be accessible from the course loop at each location.  The facilities are scheduled to be opened
each day by 8:00 AM.  But in case they are not, please be prepared to use the woods for pre-run facilities.  Paper provided.
Note: Day One facilities will be about 70 yards from loop.  Days Two & Three both will have direct access from loop.  
Race Supplies:  
The aid stations each day will provide water, Gatorade, defizzed cola, sponges, food snacks and a large assortment of medical
supplies.  The food snacks will include bananas, other fruit, cookies, mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pretzels, etc.
We will try to provide some ice on hand, but I suggest you bring a small cooler each day to suffice your needs just to be sure.
Note 1:  NO salt tablets or electrolytes will be provided.  Bring them if you require them.  
Note 2:  Be prepared to bring enough running gear for all kinds of conditions, especially footwear. Some course portions are slick.
Weather Conditions:  
The forecast calls for thunderstorms this weekend.  If they become severe, you will be removed from the running loop until the
storms safely subside.  But the clock keeps running while you are stopped.  
Post-Run Refreshments:  
  Day One: Pizza and soft drinks.  
  Day Two: Undecided at printing of this notice  
  Day Three: Chinese food (must complete your selection by the end of Day Two) and soft drinks.
Award Information:  
The following awards will be issued to the Day Winners  
    Day One: Abe Fornes, John Sterner & Al Williams Award  
    Day Two: Nat Cirulnick, Aldo Scandurra & Kurt Steiner Award  
  Day Three: Ed Levy & Harry Murphy Award  
Note:  The above awards cannot be earned, unless you complete the (3-day) 100-mile distance.  
The Male Winner (scored by least total time) will receive the Joe Yancey Award.  
The Female Winner will receive the Ted Corbitt Award.  
Each Finisher will receive a gold metallic cup with the BUS logo distributed by "gender place".  
Award Ceremony:  
Each finisher MUST ATTEND the Award Ceremony on Day Three in order to receive any earned award(s).  
No exceptions or excuses.  
Additional Information:  
917-620-3431 - also phone number at Race Sites  
Race Rules:  
All USA Track & Field rules will apply.  
IN SUMMARY:  The event will be conducted with a low key flavor. I'm asking for your cooperation and patience during the whole
weekend of the event.